Code for scientific computation

I contribute to a few projects for scientific computation.

Embodied Cognition Lab on Github

As we publish research we're doing at the Embodied Cognition Lab, we endeavour to make associated code available too. While this is often archived in a static form on the Open Science Framework, it is also hosted on Github, where it will continue to be developed.

One such project we have worked on is a systematic comparison of linguistic distributional models on a suite of cognitive science benchmark datasets.

Another is a computational cognitive model of associative activation underlying the category production task.

I also made the Sensorimotor Distance Calculator, a web app which allows calculations and visualisations of semantic distances between nearly 800 million pairs of concrete and abstract concepts, based on their sensorimotor experience profiles. This uses data from the Lancaster Sensorimotor Norms.

The Kymata Research Group on Github

The Kymata Research Group maintains the Kymata Atlas, a database of functional maps of brain processes.

The statistical neuroimaging analysis method which underlies this is implemented as part of a Python toolbox maintained by the Lab, to which I am a major contributor.

The RSA toolbox

A Matlab toolbox for Representational Similarity Analysis on fMRI neuroimaging data. An EMEG extension is in the works.

This project is now managed by the RSA development group, and is being ported to Python as the pyrsa package: a project I am also involved with.

Other projects on GitLab

Now and then when I make something generally useful for my work, I will put it up on GitLab.